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Celebrating your child's baptism

We congratulate you on the birth of your child and wish you every happiness and blessing as parents and as a family.   We are delighted that you wish to bring up your child as a person of faith within the Catholic Church and we will be honoured to welcome you and your family to celebrate this special moment in the Sacrament of Baptism. 

Baptism: A Celebration of Welcome, A Celebration of the Gift of Life

The birth of a child brings great joy to their parents, their brothers and sisters and their extended family.  It is a truly sacred moment that the Church celebrates with you in a special way in the Sacrament of Baptism. In baptism:

  • We celebrate and give thanks for the most precious of all gifts, the gift of new life.

  • Through prayers and signs and symbols we celebrate the dignity of your child as a child of God, loved by God and blessed by God.

  • We mark the beginning of the child’s journey of faith as a Christian, a follower of Jesus.

  • We ask the Lord to protect your child and to enrich his/her life with many blessings.

  • The parents and godparents promise to share their faith with the child and to help them to know and follow Jesus.

  • The extended family and community pray for you as parents asking the Lord to bless you in this most precious of all callings.  

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Booking a Baptism in our Parish

If you wish to book a baptism please contact Cathy in the Parish Office by email or during Parish Office Hours [see details at the bottom of this page].  

Baptisms are available at the following times:

1st Saturday of each month

St. Mary's Church, Passage West    4.00 p.m.

2nd Saturday of each month

Ringaskiddy Oratory                       4.00 p.m.

2nd Saturday of each month

Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Shanbally          4.00 p.m.

3rd Saturday of each month

Sacred Heart Church, Monkstown      4.00 p.m.

Please note that baptisms are not permitted by the Church during Holy Week until after the celebration of the Easter Vigil.  Baptisms may not be available in a particular Church on a given weekend due to the celebration of Weddings or First Communions or other parish celebrations in that Church or because baptism have already been booked in other Churches in the parish.

Where more than one family request the same date and Church for baptism, we celebrate the baptisms within the same ceremony, with each family being invited separately to the font for the moment of their child’s baptism.

We ask that families give at least two weeks' notice when booking a baptism.  Families are asked to complete the Baptism Booking Form [available for download below] and to return it together with a copy of the child’s birth certificate to the parish office at least two weeks in advance of the baptism.

Choosing your Godparents

Godparents are called primarily to support and guide the child in their journey of faith as they grow up.   In order to give authentic witness a godparent should be a person who seeks to truly live their Christian faith and be willing to support their godchild’s faith by their example, prayer and encouragement.

For this reason the Church asks that families choose two godparents, a man and a woman, who are at least 16 years old, who have been baptised and confirmed themselves, and who understand the commitment to support the child’s faith as they grow up.

If there is someone who is important to you who isn’t a Catholic but who you’d want to play a significant part in your child’s life, why not invite them to be an official witness at the baptism.  Please talk to one of the priests of the parish if you have any questions.

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On the day of your child's baptism

On the day of Baptism please bring a white shawl or blanket and a baptismal candle with you to the Church.  Keep this candle safe as it will also be used as part of your child’s journey to First Communion and Confirmation.

Traditionally, families make an offering, of their own choosing, to the priest/deacon who celebrates the baptism.

Please click on the links below for a copy of the Parish Baptism Booking Form and for a leaflet that introduces you to the meaning and the structure of the celebration of Baptism.


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